Frequently Asked Questions

Nfoshare is a tool that does quick check-ins with you and your co-workers, and then provides actionable interventions designed to increase your engagement with your job, team, manager, and organization. We focus on making it as easy as possible for your leaders to act on your feedback.
Yes, absolutely. Although we collect little demographic information like which department and location you're in, it's still fully confidential. We only show aggregate data for a group of 5 or more employees.

Our company is built on safeguarding your confidentiality.
Nfoshare breaks the year into three cycles of about 18 weeks. The first 6 weeks of each cycle are called Feedback Weeks where you'll get new questions every two weeks. For the remaining 12 Rest Weeks, Nfoshare will check-in once or twice a month.
Feedback Weeks are a 6 week high frequency feedback session. During this time, Nfoshare checks in with you each week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) to reveal new questions or to provide you with social feedback based on how many others are responding like you!
Actually, you will be answering between 5 and 10 questions every 2 weeks. These questions shouldn't take more than 10 seconds to finish.
Well we don't want to constantly keep bothering you with weekly emails and more importantly, we want to give management ample time to properly implement change based on your feedback.
No worries! You'll have time to catch up. As long as you have access to Nfoshare or your email before midnight at the end of the 6th week, you'll be able to answer every question asked during Feedback Weeks.
Some responses have an open-ended text box pop up after you click it, so feel free to type away. Remember, this is still confidential unless you type something that gives it away, so keep it simple and respectful.
Not really. We worked with your leadership to identify the questions and everyone will get them in the same order as you click through.
We do it to be transparent and to reward you with social data after each response. Remember, someone always feels the way you do!

Here are some examples:

60% of your employees don't understand the new company vision. Before you proceed, we recommend you hold an open town-hall meeting with your whole group. Click on this link to see recommendations on how to effectively run this meeting.

40% of your employees don't like the office coffee. We recommend that you investigate. You might need a variety of brands or training on how to use the machine properly. Who wants to drink stale and burned coffee? Yuck!
Managers have the option to follow up and message a group of employees who responded a certain way. Remember, they don't know who those employees are. It's confidential.

Managers can also message individual users who wrote open-ended responses. Again, everything is confidential!
We need to systematically make changes so we start with where the most people have indicated concern. We provide your leaders with up to 3 actionable interventions every 18 weeks. It might take time to get to your specific concern, but know that your company is listening and working diligently on implementing change!
We want to build employee feedback into the way your company does business. We care about you and your success. Because when you are successful, the company is successful. This process takes time and focus, so be cool, be kind, and keep sharing.